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Day 18

Today I pray for the next generation to have a deep hunger and passion for Jesus and His word

Scripture: Psalm 119:9 "How can a young person stay pure? By obeying your word." Generation (genea, Greek) refers to Israel as a nation and guarantees her perpetuity until the end of times; Generation may mean “age” or “time period” and therefore be a reference to the dispensation of grace; Finally, genea may carry its usual meaning of 30 years. If the latter is the case, then Jesus was stating [in His prophecy] that one generation would not have passed until all these signs begin to be fulfilled. As time goes by, there are more and more ungodly influences vying for the attention of our children and young people. Biblical values are perceived as weird, old school and even hateful. Christian families are under attack from all sides.

Young people of today are encouraged to "be free", to experience all that the world has to offer, to follow their hearts, and make decisions that will make them happy. It’s all about instant gratification with a self-seeking focus.

Even for young people growing up in the church and godly environments, though they may desire moral purity and holy living, the world makes it very difficult for them to achieve it. How will the emerging generation ever find the strength to follow God’s ways and be warriors for Christ?

The answer is that God must have top priority in our lives. Our young people need an absolute love and passion for Jesus that is above all else. God’s word gives us the foundation to live a morally pure life. But they also need the prayers, encouragement and support of the wider body of Christ.

This is an appeal, not just to parents, but also to every member of God’s church. Each one of us is called to lift up the next generation in prayer, to train the young people in our lives in the things of the Lord, and to be an example of godliness.

The key to staying pure is by reading and meditating on the word of God. Let’s join together to pray that our young people would not only read the word, but obey it with all their hearts.

Pray that they would allow the Bible to teach them the ways of the Lord, and follow His commandments, bringing glory and honour to Jesus Christ. Pray that they would not be influenced or overwhelmed by the darkness in the earth. Pray that they would be the Salt and Light in their schools, workplaces, family and friend circles. Pray for peace over their hearts and minds. Amen.

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