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Day 12

Today I pray for miracles to display your glory to the world

Scripture: Psalm 77:14 "You are the God who performs miracles; you display your power among the peoples."

Miracles: The bible defines miracles as events, signs, wonders or experiences that demonstrate God’s greatness and power.Something is considered miraculous when it goes beyond typical human expectations of what normally occurs in the world. In Psalm 77:14, we find a profound message about the significance of belief in the life of a believer. This brief teaching will highlight the importance of faith and belief as expressed in this scripture. The passage begins with a powerful declaration: "You are the God who performs miracles; you display your power among the peoples." This verse underscores that belief is not just a theoretical concept but a tangible, lived experience. It emphasises that God is a God of miracles, and these miracles are made manifest in the lives of His people. Belief as a Catalyst: Belief serves as a catalyst for experiencing God's miraculous power. It is the fuel that ignites the divine spark within us. When we believe in God's abilities, in His love, and in His willingness to intervene in our lives, we open the door to the miraculous. Demonstrating God's Power: The belief expressed in this verse results in the display of God's power "among the peoples." This highlights the transformative impact of belief not just on the individual but also on the wider community. When we truly believe, we become witnesses to God's power, allowing His miraculous works to shine through us, touching the lives of those around us. Faith in Action: Belief is not passive; it's an active and vibrant force. It calls us to trust in God's character and to step out in faith. Our belief should lead us to pray with conviction, to take action, and to live in a way that reflects our confidence in God's miraculous power. Psalm 77:14 underscores the essential role of belief in our relationship with God. It is belief that allows us to witness God's miracles and power at work in our lives. As we trust in His faithfulness and provision, we become living testimonies of His love and grace, impacting those around us. May this verse remind us of the profound influence of belief in our journey of faith. Let our belief be not just a mental assent but a living, breathing expression of our trust in the God who performs miracles and who longs to display His power among all peoples.

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