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Statement from our Pastors, SALT and Trustees Leadership Teams

Most of us will be aware that we are entering a new phase of Government requirements in relation to keeping everyone safe in a Covid environment. The new regulations are called the Covid Protection Framework which details expectations of organisations and specific requirements at three different levels. 

With this comes the challenge for us to be responsible in upholding and applying the new Government requirements while resolving to remain steadfast in faith and to maintain both unity and focus. 

Maintaining unity 

Firstly we want to reassure our church family that the Trustees and SALT are united in our determination to move forward in this challenging season with respect for individual decisions and opinions. To this end we are united on the decision to remain inclusive to all who wish to join with us to worship and gather together. 

This means that Hamilton New Life Church will not require anyone to show proof of vaccination in order to gather together for our varying purposes. 

This does mean that there are some limitations as to numbers that can meet and requirements for certain safety measures to be in place. It is of importance to note the following: 

  • At present the Government has classified the Waikato Region as Orange Level in the framework and this takes effect on Friday 3rd. 

  • At this level we are able to have a total of 50 people including children gathering at any one time within a defined space. Workers can be extra. 

  • Our online broadcasts will continue and we are working on options to accommodate numbers above 50 who wish to participate and connect. 

  • The government will review settings fortnightly but has signalled that the current levels are likely to remain in place over the summer holiday period. We will, of course, need to be ready to respond to any increase in restrictions. 

Maintaining focus 

It is important that our focus is not distracted by the negative aspects of the season we are in. Instead our focus must be: 

  • Seeing how God is at work 

  • Pursuing our kingdom assignment and our part in His plan 

  • The opportunities this season presents to bring heaven to earth 

We encourage everyone to be “filled up” and “prayed up”. Pray for creative wisdom, ready to be the answer the world needs. 

What’s next? 

We will communicate more details of how we can meet and worship together and carry out our ministry as soon as we finalise the best options open to us at this level. Please feel free to talk to leadership and to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. 

In the meantime, kia kaha. 

Bruce and Jenny Rosser, Trustees and SALT 

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